With its proven durability and new-rider-friendly performance, the CRF110F perfectly encapsulates Honda’s proud heritage—extending back nearly four decades to the legendary XR75—of four-stroke trail bikes that are kid-sized but full-featured. In the modern era, that means clean-running Keihin fuel injection as well as a clutch-less four-speed semi-automatic transmission and push-button electric start.

For 23YM it receives a graphic update to keep it in line with it larger CRF250R and CRF450R siblings.

Key Features


  • Twin spar steel frame and reinforced swingarm
  • Conventional telescopic front forks
  • CRF450R style bodywork
  • Low 657 mm seat height

With a friendly rider layout and low seat height, the CRF110F is the perfect next step for younger riders moving up from the CRF50F. The CRF110F features a twin-spar steel frame and like its smaller sibling, a reinforced swingarm, that combine to offer an excellent balance of rigidity and comfort. Conventional telescopic front forks deliver confidence-inspiring performance with 9.9cm of travel, and when paired with the single rear shock, let this small bike handle the bigger bumps with good control and minimal bottoming out.

Like every member of the Honda off-road CRF family, the CRF110F wears its heritage with pride. The 4.5L steel fuel tank, with integrated fuel pump and fuel filter, is protected by frame design shields in the event of a fall. The CRF450R-inspired bodywork is matched with a low 657mm seat height, complemented with high, wide motocross bars that feature a handlebar pad and half-waffle grips, perfect for small hands. A handlebar-mounted multiple-function switch incorporates the starter button, ignition “key on” indicator, fuel-injection system status and a low fuel indicator warning, that illuminates when only 1L of fuel remains. 

For 23YM the CRF110F wears a striking all red paint scheme and bold new graphics to celebrate Honda’s off-road racing pedigree.


  • Fun and practical 109cc single
  • Keihin electronically controlled fuel-injection system delivers friendly linear power
  • Adjustable throttle limiter
  • Smooth 4 speed transmission
  • Electric starter for added convenience

The CRF110F's SOHC 109cc four-stroke engine delivers smooth, easy-to-use power, perfect for novice riders. Bore and stroke are 50.0 x 55.6mm with a 9:1 compression ratio. 

The Keihin electronically controlled fuel-injection system delivers linear and hesitation-free power at all rev ranges and throttle openings, providing friendly power delivery, minimising any intimidation for newer younger riders and providing enjoyment at all levels.

The adjustable throttle limiter gives owners a greater level of freedom to match the available performance with the rider’s ability.

The CRF110F features a smooth shifting, four speed transmission and a simple-to-use automatic clutch. The electric starter gives convenience, with a kick start available as a backup.

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